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Wardrobe Architecture

Thanks to Tiniography for the photo!

Thanks to Tiniography for the photo!

How did it start? I think it was reading Karen’s beautiful post Make, Knit, Mend earlier tonight. There I went into the rabbit hole of shibui, boro, visible mending, sashiko and, generally, a longer timeline for the clothes we buy and make.

I’m currently on holiday in Montreal, visiting family and friends. I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the last three weeks (first in LA, then San Francisco; one week here, then another week in California) and so have been lugging a miniature multi-climate wardrobe around. It’s exhausting, and, truth be told, I’ve only worn most things a single time.

This is why I’m so eagerly reading the Wardrobe Architect series on Coletterie. I don’t really sew, but I do make a lot of knit clothing, and if I can build a thoughtful, functional, beautiful wardrobe without resorting to ordering the entire J.Crew catalogue, all the better.

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