Two New Things!

Hi everyone! The last few months have been busy, busy, busy: first the Craft Sessions, then a few health issues that took way too much of my energy, and more recently some travel. It’s good to be back to normal life!

I’ve decided to challenge myself and make a few YouTube videos to talk about projects, yarn, techniques, and other knitting. In this first video, I talk about my current project: a massive scarf that’s headed to Canada. I don’t miss the days when I needed three-metre wool scarves just to head outside!

After chatting with some friends, I’ve also started a new mini-community for crafters on Slack. If you work in the tech industry, you’ve probably heard of Slack: it’s a fantastic messaging app for teams. Since I spend most of my days with Slack open on my laptop, on my phone, or both, I thought it would be nice to have a space for crafty discussions. You can join us via this form.


  1. I liked your video!

    As a fellow ex-pat Canadian who spent some years in Montreal, I cringed and smiled in recognition of your description of winter! Especially the part where you get your scarf wet from breathing and then it freezes. When you said that, I was instantly transported back to that humid-cold-warm feeling of being tucked behind a scarf! I’m sure your sister will enjoy her cozy scarf!

    I’ve knit two scarves in that pattern and it’s a really satisfying pattern. Indeed, I gave one to my sister who lives in Canada :)



  2. Loved watching your video and hearing about why you need such a long scarf in Canada… that’s so foreign to me having grown up here in Australia. I was mesmerised by your hands knitting effortlessly without looking – seriously wow… one day I hope to be that good!


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