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Knitting for other people

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Blue Sky Fibers Endless Wrap | on Instagram 

In 2011 we moved to Melbourne with two suitcases. Five and a half years later we have a house full of stuff: camping gear, bikes, books, craft supplies, cookware, clothing. So much clothing. It all feels claustrophobic, and I dream of being able to take off with a few  bags again.

This year I’ve also changed my body shape pretty drastically (through some medication changes, falling in love with cycling, and my unlikely new hobby, weight lifting), so a lot of what I bought and made in previous years just doesn’t fit anymore. When you spent a hundred hours on a gorgeous cable-knit sweater, it’s easy to hold on, to shove it in storage and think you’ll deal with it later.

(Luckily my good friend Kirsta runs Mutual Muse, a secondhand shop in Thornbury, and I’ve been making regular stops there to sell my clothes for a fair price. Yay for creative friends!)

Making new things for myself doesn’t feel right when I’m simultaneously selling and donating clothes by the bagful, and I’m closer to what Felicia describes as the feeling of “enough’. I still love making, though, and have a hard time resisting new yarns, new projects, keeping my hands still.

So for now, a nice middle ground: I’m knitting for other people. This lovely, massive scarf is the Endless Wrap in Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok. I’m not keeping it — it’s going to be a sample for a local yarn store.

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